Our Solutions

We provide a variety of sales, marketing and strategy consulting solutions that help to grow your business.

Sales – Every organization needs a solid sales team capable of delivering results. Each sales person must have the right tools and be able to identify an opportunity, describe your value proposition, put your offer into meaningful terms, negotiate and follow the sale through to closure.  We can assist in developing or acquiring these skills on your behalf.

Marketing – If your organization needs a cohesive message, either internally or to the public, iDaedle can help develop a campaign that takes into consideration online and offline elements along with all of the accompanying materials that can generate the interest you need.

Strategy – When there is uncertainty about your direction or the opportunities before you, it may be time for an actionable strategy. Through a number of planning and development services we can help you chart your course.

Comprehensive Offering

iDaedle’s main focus is generating new ideas and creating efficiencies, necessary for every business.

Our value beyond our experience is the relationships that we’ve amassed.  Belonging to a consortium of affiliated consultants means that we can draw from a diverse group of skills that can attend to each project on an “as needed” basis. What this means to your business is that you needn’t worry that your challenges are too complex, our reach can deliver some of the most experienced professionals in a variety of fields.

Please contact us we’d love for you to be our next success story.


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