services overview


Our Strategic Planning service is meant to guide your organization through a process beyond "here and now" toward future growth and innovation.

Business Planning

Regardless of the stage of your business we can help you plan to start, evolve, grow or maintain. We can take your ideas and transform them into a business or operational plan, helping you achieve success more efficiently.


We develop a variety of sales and marketing tools (see list below) because we understand that the most efficient method of selling is to focus on customer needs and not document preparation. Let us help you prepare professional documents that will wow your customers.


Ensure that your entire team has the skills they need to sell, close, present, prepare documents, and most importantly deliver excellent customer service. Our training programs are tailored to your specific needs and utilize several new methodologies focused on the reinforcement of concepts.

Presentation Development

Our professionally developed presentations will set you apart from your competition from the onset. Combining compelling visuals that convey a persuasive message instills confidence in your team giving them the edge.


Depending on your type of business there will be expertise your company may need to possess in-house. However, there may be capabilities you only require from time to time. Our outsourcing service allows you to access various skills that may make more sense for you to 'borrow' rather than to 'buy', saving you headcount and salary expense. Our array of outsourcing services include, Sales, Marketing Human Resource Management and a wide variety of other skills as well.


We start with a consultation to ensure that we understand your needs and determine whether you need one of our standard or custom solutions. If we aren’t able to solve your business issue we work with a consortium of consultants with a range of skills that may be applicable. We will gladly refer you if we determine that what you need is different from what we are able to provide. Doing what’s in your best interest is just good business.