Cheap, Quick, Quality Website in 6 Simple Steps


I’m sure you didn’t think it was possible, to have a cheap, quick quality website, as it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too.

I’d once heard that you can get cheap and quick, without quality, quick and quality, but not cheap, or cheap and quality but not quickly  never all three. Either you get it quick and cheap but the quality suffers, it’s great and inexpensive but takes long, or quick and great quality but expensive. That doesn’t apply to websites, not any more. These days, you can have it all.

Using the 6 simple steps below you can have a quality website, quickly without a huge investment.

1. Strategy - Evaluate your strategy, what are you using the web presence for. Once you determine what that is, the process of having a website up and running is extremely simple.
2. Website or Simple Blog – Determine do you really need a website. In the current times of giving to get, and by that I mean Blogging, if the primary function of your website will be to share information and facilitate easy updating then I strongly recommend that you use a Blog. WordPress is my favourite template, it’s easy to use and even easier to update. You don’t have to be particularly web savvy. If you’re going to use a WordPress Blog then pick a free theme, buy a premium theme, or pay for customization, either way it will run you under $150USD. You can have different pages and a reasonably sophisticated menu system, and if that’s all you need then you could be set up in under an hour. There’s even an option to purchase your domain from WordPress so that your blog can appear at or whatever you choose.
3. Website Template - If you must have a website, then unless your requirements are super sophisticated, I’d suggest you use a template and a cheap service to update it. is my favourite to find a great selection of templates. It lets you search by service, key words, colours and/or format so you can easily identify the right template to use. Just about all of the elements are changeable so if you find something close to what you need then go with it.
4. Photography selection - If the site is fantastic but you’re not crazy about the images they’ve used try for some lovely pictures that are also easy to search and find.
5. Resourcing - Finally to update it, post on elance, you can find thousands of suppliers ready and willing to assist you in completing and uploading your new site.
6. Instruction Template - I used the following template form that I created in order to provide the page-by-page text and images in order to update the site. It includes an example of the type of instructions.Website Template Completion Instructions

These instructions were sufficiently brief. If you need more detailed instructions in any area, please feel free to write to me.

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