3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Page


by Nicholas Mayne, Domayne Social

Many small business owners believe that a website is the only digital presence needed to represent their firm, inform and acquire prospective clients. Whether you have a website, or are considering Facebook as an alternative here are four reasons why Facebook may be the only presence your business needs. Facebook is social, targeted and cost effective advertising, and most importantly has the ability to increase the depth of your interaction with your client.
1. Social - First and foremost Facebook is social. Which means that you can facilitate two-way communication between yourself and your prospective client. Websites are notorious for being static and lacking opportunity for true interaction. Facebook on the other hand, is built for exchange. It’s a natural extension of people’s propensity to tell a friend when they receive exceptional service and it’s so simple. Unlike a blog where you start most of the dialogue, Facebook puts the power in the hands of your customers and friends to start the conversation on your behalf. Good or bad, people get a sense of your personality as a business and how you deal with things.

You can actually sit back and see the recent activity happening on your page, as customers share photos, information and interests surrounding your product or solution. Your prospective client evolves from an anonymous visitor, to a real person that you and your community can interact with.

Anything posted on your Facebook page can be shared by anyone. The importance of this is that you can generate massive exposure for your business simply by posting content that is useful to your followers. If your content is shared it takes on a life of its own, with it, your company logo and name with no limit to where it may reach. Your brand recognition grows as the conversation continues. Whenever something you post is responded to through a like or comment, the impact is exponential, it shows up in countless newsfeeds.

2. Targeted and cost effective  Advertising – With over 1 billion+ users, millions accessing their pages every day every possible demographic is tapped. The beauty of Facebook advertising is that you have the ability to target your ads to a very specific audience based on criteria such as gender, location, age, family status, interests, device used to log into Facebook (e.g. smartphone, desktop, tablet) etc. Also, you can also limit your advertising to friends of your current followers accessing new customers who may have heard about you through their friends already.

So if your target market is Caribbean Entrepreneurs between the ages of 25-50 who list CARICOM and investing as an interest on their Facebook profile, you are in a position to engage them directly with your services. It is far more precise and cost effective than other mass marketing options.

3. Deepens Relationships – The Facebook platform can be customized in a number of different ways through Facebook and third party applications. Your Facebook presence can have a web type experience while still having a number of different opportunities for you to be interactive. Beyond just posting on your wall you can host a Q&A session to develop relationships and understand what your prospective clients real needs are. As a means of engagement prospective clients can private message you a question they need answered. You can steer the client in the right direction, and then urge them to sign up for a paid consultation to get more detailed and customized information based on specifics.

You are able to make your client, a better client. For example, An intellectual property attorney client of mine, regularly posts IP law advice and information on a custom Facebook page we created for him. Given all of the information available on his page, by the time a prospective client decides to engage with his firm for legal services, they are already familiar with the laws that apply to their situation. They’re able to ask smarter and more relevant questions providing the attorney the opportunity to accomplish more with each interaction.

Social marketing is now, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook presence it needs one. Similar to the invention of the telephone, fax machine, radio, TV, and e-mail, social marketing is simply the next step.

Nicholas Mayne is founder of Domayne Social, a consulting firm helping small businesses take advantage of social networking to acquire new clients and enhance business operations. Please feel free to contact him at 315-527-0227 or nickmayne@gmail.com.

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