about us

iDaedle is a multinational sales, marketing and strategy consulting firm. We provide products, solutions and services to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. Our customer base spans technology, government, health and education sectors.

our vision

Our vision is to create a world where ideas are the only real currency, freely exchanged in the best interest of industry and mankind.


By introducing new ideas, methodologies and measurables, iDaedle increases the capacity or revenue of each of our customers thereby optimizing business performance.

What's in a Name

The name iDaedle (i-day-dle) was carefully chosen to reflect our values and approach to business. What we do and how we do it. It is meant to be unique, aiming to challenge your expectations. The name was inspired by the mythological Greek figure, Daedalus (Greek Daidalos meaning “cunning worker”). Daedalus was a most skillful artificer or craftsman and was quite versatile. He created the labyrinth for Ariadne and wings for Icarus. He was so skillful in fact that he was said to have invented still images that appeared to move.

Daedalus embodies our vision of ourselves as an inventive, creative and versatile company. We have the ability to collaborate to create a number of different solutions whether your needs are large or small.

our clients

Our Value



We have over 25 years of international sales, strategy and marketing experience spanning a number of industries including information technology, banking, telecoms and legal. Our vast experience working for and with multinational organizations in turn affords us a unique perspective and intrinsic understanding of the high standards and expectations of our customers.



We're small, and we keep it that way to be able to be dynamic and customer-focused. Our size gives us the agility and ability to prioritize the projects that we choose. Every customer must feel as though they are our only customer for the duration of their project, as they receive the dedicated solutions their challenges deserve. iDaedle has the ability to adapt to almost any requirement because we are collaborators. It is through these collaborations we believe the most innovative solutions are found.


Goal Oriented

We provide a wide array of services based on our years of experience, but the best part of doing business with us is that we keep your goals in mind at all times.